A review about HP Z2 Mini G4 Workstation

HP just launched its own mini desktop PC. Its known to every user that gaming computer requires a graphics card, a good processor and other things which require the large power supply. This power supply generates heat and to cool that heat cooling fans and heat sinks are installed in computers which makes their size bulky. But in the case of HP Z2 Mini G4 the size of HP have done that wonderful job which was awaited by the desktop user from many years. HP have installed Intel Xeon processor and Nvidia GPU in a small black box. This HP product is suitable for research labs, accounting firms and other work in which a good high-speed computer is required. This workstation is also suitable for heavy gaming. By using it you can play Far Cry 5, GTA 5 and other new high specs games. This workstation is available in the market in both offline and online. You can buy it on Amazon also. Price of this product start from 799 $ and ends at 2149 $.

HP Z2 Mini.png

Due to the new revolution in size of desktop workstation this product has been chosen in many magazines related to technology. PC mag which is an American computer magazine also featured it in their Editors' Choice.

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